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    Identifying behavioural markers for high-risk internet gambling
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Tools & Resources for Conducting Market Research

When it comes to the our behaviour while buying something, we are most definitely creatures of habits and we only trust those product which we are used to on. People generally are afraid of changes and there is always a battle to get person to switch to other brand or other product. When it comes to the tools and resources for conducting various market research the situation is not so different.

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Commissioned research

Commissioned research means survey, research or other work and the costs of these kind of work is fully paid by the customers. Commissioned research is done in confidence when carried out in cooperation with various industries and businesses, mostly in an unbiased form as agreed previously. The intellectual property and research results are transferred under the ownership of the customers according to the previous research agreement.

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How do gamblers start gambling: identifying behavioural markers for high-risk internet gambling

The availability of online gambling services on the Internet has raised many public health concerns about its influence to various gambling related addictions and problems in our society. Recent studies has shown that about five percentages of people who are involved in the gambling industry of any kind experience problems related to gambling.

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Welcome to the home page of Robertson Research International Limited, one of the world’s largest and most reputable upstream oil and gas consultancies.

If you are involved in the exploration for and production of oil and gas, then the chances are that your organisation has used Robertson’s products and services. Unless you have been lucky enough to visit us in North Wales, then what you will not have realised is the vast extent of our organisation's capabilities and experience.

This web site is constructed so that you can learn a little more about what we do, how we do it and, most importantly, the solutions that we can offer to make your job easier.

Who are we & what are we doing

About Robertson

Robertson was acquired by CGG to provide profound and comprehensive solutions to various challenging geological and geophysical issues which are encountered during the production and exploration of the natural sources of the earth. Robertson was introduced in 1961 and since the very beginning it has provided great solutions to very challenging geographical and geophysical issues and other prominent areas regarding the natural resources. Robertson has evolved to be one of the global leaders in geosciences and very respective leader as well. We are very known and respected worldwide and the results of our extensive experience are virtually everywhere.

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What We Offer

We offer existing market investors and participants and they are easily accessible and always up to date details and information on current market realities. On the market we also offer an independent and reliable listening post which monitors developments of legislative at local level in UK heling sportsbetting web portals like topratedbettingsites.co.uk to progress and grow further in save environment. We are tracking regulatory change across the overall gambling industry so our core business is to provide you valuable information which would give you an immediate access to a cost-effective, skilled and independent team who would deliver specially tailored research reports.

How We Can Help You

We can help you in various sectors including tracking of gambling legislation and overall regulation across various jurisdictions, and also you can get to know respond to various legislative developments and anticipate in them. We also can help to compare crucial and key facets of various legislations and regulations regarding different jurisdictions. You will have a grasp of the political fundamentals which are driving various legislative moments I the industry. With our help you are able to monitor various competitors and their lobbying spend. Via product specific information and data you can gauge the size as well as growth of trajectory of current gambling markets.

We are not only focused on the gambling market and on financial market research , and we provide many other services including engineering and economics, satellite mapping and geological services. We are completely dedicated to sustainable and efficient development of environmental resources worldwide, and our products include everything you will need for land based gambling industry and online gambling, and other emerging sectors like skill gaming fantasy sports, social gaming and others. We can help you also with finding various resources regarding natural resources since we provide and estimate reserves, characterize reservoir and increase recovery of these resources.

We help our clients in many different sectors, so no matter what are you focused on we can provide valuable help and knowledge in that particular sector in which you are interested. Our main goal is to help you with financial market research and provide you with all necessary tools which you will need to conduct broad and profound analysis of the global financial market. We take our mission very seriously and our team consists of dedicated professionals which have a years of experience I the field behind them, sou you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Some Of Our Product

Some of our product include reservoir analogues ERGO, geochemical Data FRogi, core descriptions NCCL, regional studies Red Books, plays and petroleum systems Tellus, Earth systems modelling regarding the geophysical and geological researches. When it comes to the financial market systems and research we provide you profound compliance portals including complete insight and analysis of current market, various regulations including jurisdiction reports and practical reports and guides. With our help you are able to explore current financial market in better and more profound way, and we provide you all necessary tools and guides. We are active on all continents, so regardless of your living situation you can use our help at any time. So explore with us emerging sector, financial market, geophysical and geological challenges on deeper and high skilled level.

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World Data Search

The World Data Search facility allows you to browse Robertson’s non exclusive geological and geophysical data library on-line and provides you with an easy facility to request further information. Robertson’s non-exclusive products are grouped into the following categories:


Tellus is the Robertson flagship product. Described as the “definitive exploration database”, Tellus contains digital data describing the petroleum systems and play fairways of over two thirds of the world’s known petroliferous basins.

Reports Search

Robertson’s extensive library of non-exclusive geological reports is listed on a global, regional/country and sub-regional basis. Reports range in scope from regional or country review studies through to comprehensive specialist geological or integrated multidisciplinary studies.

Geophysical Data Search

Robertson’s non-exclusive speculative seismic and potential fields surveys are listed in this section. Robertson’s speculative geophysical surveys and seismic brokering services are carried out by Robertson GeoSpec International Limited, a new subsidiary company of Robertson.

Well Data Search

Supported by Robertson’s Digital Data Availability and WISDOM databases this section accesses the complete selection of digital well data available from Robertson.

Experience by Area

Three decades of experience in a world-wide market-place have provided us with an unparalleled global knowledge base. We have specific regional knowledge in most mature areas of the world and of many emerging exploration plays ... a knowledge which adds enormous value to both our routine and custom-made projects and helps in problem solving for exploration, development and production.


Human Resources

Robertson Research International Limited is a world leader in its field.

Robertson offers a wide variety of benefits to its employees including:

The demand for our service is such that there are always opportunities for fresh graduates and experienced personnel. In this respect we are committed to recruiting the very best people in the field who will enable us to offer clients a high quality integrated service.


Tellus Houston User Group

For those of you who were unable to attend, or for those that want to distribute the material, the presentations and training modules are now available on-line.

Launch of GIR Database

Robertson is pleased to announce that it is building a Geochemical Information Repository (GIR) which will provide customers with global digital geochemical data delivered over the Internet.


Our interactive problem page might be the key to solving your Reservoir Geology problems. Find out what effective and innovative solutions we can prescribe.