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Commissioned research means survey, research or other work and the costs of these kind of work is fully paid by the customers. Commissioned research is done in confidence when carried out in cooperation with various industries and businesses, mostly in an unbiased form as agreed previously. The intellectual property and research results are transferred under the ownership of the customers according to the previous research agreement. In some cases the commissioned research means a wider and larger research project. It can also mean a smaller service thesis or research as well. Commissioned research also include motivated and competent personnel and appropriate equipment and facilities.

Commissioned research may be carried out by various organisations from consultants, large companies or individual researchers. The main objective of commission research team is to assist both researcher and client and to reduce any risks of errors, misunderstanding, omission and to help improve the overall quality of researched projects. They also cover a great range of various items which are designed to help both parties without imposing certain obligations upon them.

The most prominent issues of any commissioned research include qualitative research in large scales, various executive involvement, general consultancy and planning. So make sure that you choose right agency which would perform commissioned research as their field of jobs performed may vary. Also make sure that you to get a necessary information about the agency and its stuff. Information about the agency equipment and facilities is very important including the nature of its field skills and organization, quality control which they apply to data collection, sampling methods of agency work, certain way in which they handle data processing, the kind of data report the provide and any special techniques and facilities they might use in their research.

Before choosing the right agency also take a look at their quality assurance and make sure you do proper billing agreement. Also get insight into their systems for customer satisfaction management including regular checks and their procedures when dealing with complaints. The more knowledgeable client will most likely obtain more valuable and useful information. However even inexperienced client will gain a good insight into skills of agency and its operating methods simply using the Checklist and having a brief chat with management of agency he choose. Also before choosing the right agency, consider speaking with other customers of that agency to learn more about its weaknesses and strengths.

Research sometimes can cost a great amount of money, and most certainly there is no any point in paying more than you need to pay. Commissioned research is performed I various situation and type of research may vary. Varying the commissioned research is involved in quantitative surveys, various qualitative research, desk research, omnibus surveys, continuous research, industrial research and Web enabled research. So these researches discuss the key issues and general terms which arise often when commissioning and planning any market research study.

Experience by Area

Three decades of experience in a world-wide market-place have provided us with an unparalleled global knowledge base. We have specific regional knowledge in most mature areas of the world and of many emerging exploration plays ... a knowledge which adds enormous value to both our routine and custom-made projects and helps in problem solving for exploration, development and production.



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For those of you who were unable to attend, or for those that want to distribute the material, the presentations and training modules are now available on-line.

Launch of GIR Database

Robertson is pleased to announce that it is building a Geochemical Information Repository (GIR) which will provide customers with global digital geochemical data delivered over the Internet.


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