Experience by Area

Three decades of experience in a world-wide market-place have provided us with an unparalleled global knowledge base. We have specific regional knowledge in most mature areas of the world and of many emerging exploration plays ... a knowledge which adds enormous value to both our routine and custom-made projects and helps in problem solving for exploration, development and production.

Northwest Europe

Northwest Europe, and in particular the North Sea, is a core region for Robertson and represents a market in which we have been active since the days of the first discoveries. Our regional and stratigraphic experience in this area is unparalleled and is based on in excess of 30 years as a focus for consultant geological services.

In addition to numerous routine single well studies, many of which were fundamental in establishing the background to present understanding of reservoirs in the North Sea, our sedimentologists have been actively involved in both field and exploration scale studies, both on a proprietary and non-exclusive basis and have significantly contributed to the well respected reputation of Robertson's multi-client products. Our expertise spans facies analysis, reservoir distribution, reservoir modelling and reservoir quality issues.

As a group we can offer specialist expertise in: the Jurassic and Cretaceous of Mid Norway; the Brent Group of both the UK and Norwegian sectors; facies and reservoir quality of the Fulmar and related Jurassic shallow water sandstones; deep water facies and reservoir quality in the South Viking Graben; deep reservoir plays in general; reservoir geometries in the Southern Gas Basin and Carboniferous facies analysis. We have also been involved in exploration in the West of Shetland area and the Western Approaches, and are developing large scale projects looking at frontier reservoirs in the circum-North Atlantic area. The ability of our to team to integrate closely with other disciplines, including biostratigraphy, geochemistry, geophysics and petrophysics has been critical in developing and sustaining our regional expertise and can add significant value to our routine work.

In addition to the predominantly siliciclastic sequences briefly outlined above, Robertson's Reservoir Geology group has significant experience working with the Chalk (particularly chalk depositional facies, microfabrics and diagenesis), with the Zechstein and with Jurassic carbonates both onshore UK and France. Several single well and field studies have also been undertaken in the Barents Sea area with Permo-Carboniferous carbonates as the reservoir. Other studies have been undertaken in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

Middle East

Robertson has undertaken a wide range of reservoir geological studies in the Middle East. The company has worked on Cretaceous, Triassic-Jurassic and Palaeozoic siliciclastic reservoirs and most of the key carbonate reservoir intervals in the southern Gulf area, including:

  • Huqf (Infracambrian)
  • Haima (Lower Palaeozoic)
  • Al Khlata, Gharif(Permo-Carboniferous)
  • Khuff/Kurrachine (Permo-Triassic)
  • Mafraq/Marrat/Izhara (Triassic/Lower-Middle Jurassic)
  • Dhruma/Araej/Uwainat (Mid Jurassic)
  • Alif (Upper Jurassic)
  • Diyab/Hanifa/Tuwaiq Mountain (Upper Jurassic)
  • Saba/Shuqra, Arwa, Arab (Upper Jurassic)
  • Yamama/Ratawi (Minagish)/Habshan, Naifa, Saar, Kharaib, Shuaiba (Lower Cretaceous)
  • Qishn (Lower Cretaceous)
  • Wara, Burgan (Upper Cretaceous)
  • Natih/Mauddud/Mishrif/Ahmadi, Ilam (Upper Cretaceous)
  • Pabdeh (Tertiary).

Studies have been conducted on rocks from Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen and Syria.

The types of study conducted in this area range from single well petrographic studies to full field, multi-well, reservoir geological modelling, integrated regional exploration studies and asset evaluations.

In numerous studies our reservoir geologists have been part of a multidisciplinary team working on specific reservoir problems, including:

  • With structural geologists and engineers, characterising and modelling fractured carbonate reservoirs.
  • With biostratigraphers and seismic interpreters, undertaking sequence stratigraphic studies on a wide range of formations, from Qatar to Yemen.
  • With biostratigraphers, to devise an optimum methodology for wellsite geosteering on horizontal wells.
  • With geochemists and petrophysicists, to understand and predict tar mat distribution and to resolve reservoir partitioning problems.
  • With reservoir engineers, to build good quality, robust 3D reservoir models, to produce accurate calculations of STOIIP and to devise optimum strategies for enhanced oil recovery programmes.


Our experience throughout the African continent encompasses a full range of reservoir rocks, from Cambrian to Plio-Miocene in age. Detailed studies have been undertaken: on fractured granitic basement, Cambro-Ordovician quartzites and Devonian clastics in North Africa; on pre-rift and syn-rift Pre-Salt siliciclastic reservoirs in West Africa; on early Post-Salt limestones, dolomites and mixed carbonate/clastic sequences from Namibia, Angola, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea; on Jurassic carbonates in Tunisia; and on Cretaceous continental to marine siliciclastic and shallow marine carbonate reservoirs from Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. We have also undertaken several studies on Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary deltaic and deep water siliciclastic reservoirs in Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon and Angola as well as on Tertiary sequences (including reefal carbonates) in Libya, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez (including a large scale regional study of the entire Red Sea/Gulf of Aden area).

In addition to single well, regional multi-well and detailed field studies, extensive outcrop-based studies have also been undertaken in many parts of the continent, including Namibia, Gabon, Morocco, Libya, Sudan, Kenya and Madagascar.

South East Asia And Australasia

Our extensive expertise throughout South East Asia and Australasia region reflects the importance of sedimentology and reservoir studies within exploration and development programmes in the region. Our sedimentologists have worked on all of the basins drilled to date(e.g. Sunda, Kutei and Con Son), utilising both well and outcrop data. Studies range in size from single well to larger scale field and regional projects.

Clastic (e.g. Talang Akar and Gabus) and carbonate (e.g. Batu Raja and Kais) lithologies have been studied throughout the region and generally cover the full range of ages and depositional settings seen within any given basin. Our in-house expertise means that studies have been successfully tailored to examine specific problems (e.g. origin and distribution of kaolinite in syn-rift clastics), whilst still retaining the high quality of results which characterises Robertson studies.


Robertson has studied both clastic and carbonate reservoirs throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. These range from Lower Palaeozoic dolomite reservoirs in Canada to Tertiary and Quaternary reservoirs in Trinidad. Reservoirs and potential reservoirs have been studied in Canada, USA, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, Trinidad and in the vicinity of the Falkland Islands.

Eastern Europe Ans The FSU

Although only limited routine work has been undertaken on wells from Eastern Europe and the countries of the Former Soviet Union (FSU), Robertson Reservoir Geology personnel have had wide experience of working on exploration and field scale projects. They have contributed to Robertson's multi-client studies in the area and have also undertaken fieldwork. Specific areas of expertise include Sakhalin and the Sea of Okhotsk, East Siberia, field-scale and regional studies in West Siberia, the Timan-Pechora area, the Barents Sea and the Pre-Caspian Depression. Small amounts of work have been undertaken in Bulgaria and Romania and we have been involved in large scale exploration studies and fieldwork in southern Ukraine (Crimea), the Russian Caucasus and Georgia.

Experience by Area

Three decades of experience in a world-wide market-place have provided us with an unparalleled global knowledge base. We have specific regional knowledge in most mature areas of the world and of many emerging exploration plays ... a knowledge which adds enormous value to both our routine and custom-made projects and helps in problem solving for exploration, development and production.



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