Why are you here?

As an explorationist there are many ways Robertson's Reservoir Geology and Sedimentology group can help you. Whatever the problem, we are likely to have faced a similar or related problem in the past, increasing the value to you of our work, keeping your costs down and ensuring a quality product. For example:

  1. Are you new to an area? Our worldwide experience means that in most exploration situations we can provide background information and place your data in a regional context. Significant added value is a characteristic of our work.
  2. Is your dataset complex and disparate? We can review existing data, provide summaries of data relevant to reservoir quality or distribution, collate, organise and digitise datasets and give you a running start in any exploration situation.
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  4. Where is the reservoir? With or without existing data we can provide innovative solutions to help answer questions about reservoir distribution, depositional polarity, provenance definition and other typical problems encountered in exploration situations.
  5. What is the reservoir continuity likely to be? You may have encountered reservoir but how extensive is it likely to be? What is controlling variations in reservoir quality? What is the geometry of the reservoir units? What sort of zonation scheme should be applied? We can help to answer these and many other reservoir-related problems .... from providing predictive models of reservoir distribution to modelling the evolution of pore system geometries through time.
  6. Worldwide experience: In the last ten years we have undertaken numerous multi-disciplinary exploration projects, which have included both outcrop and subsurface studies, on the UKCS, in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Norway, Sudan, Yemen, Oman, Gabon, India, Laos, Ecuador and Peru. Other, multi-well basin studies have been carried out in Egypt (Western Desert), Abu Dhabi (Permian to Cretaceous), Kuwait (Permian to Jurassic), offshore India (Krishna-Godavari), offshore Vietnam, offshore Taiwan (Tainan Basin), Nigeria (offshore Niger Delta and onshore Chad Basin), Cameroon (Douala Basin), offshore and onshore Gabon (Pre- and Post-Salt), Ecuador (Napo Basin), Colombia (Llanos Basin), the Red Sea - Gulf of Aden (Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia), Indonesia (Sunda Basin), Yemen (Marib-Jawf Basin), Oman, FSU (Sakhalin - Sea of Okhotsk) and Barents Sea (Palaeozoic section). Additionally, some of our staff have worked on major world-wide studies, including one on Tertiary deltaic sequences and another on source rock distributions.
  7. Digitisation: We can convert disparate or legacy paper datasets into flexible digital products, using our experience to prioritise, analyse and ensure that the focus is kept on the most relevant data. Specialist digitising services are available from our Petroleum Data Management division. Specialist digital conversion of core descriptions, core images and combined digitisation and analysis services can be handled within our Reservoir Geology group.

Experience by Area

Three decades of experience in a world-wide market-place have provided us with an unparalleled global knowledge base. We have specific regional knowledge in most mature areas of the world and of many emerging exploration plays ... a knowledge which adds enormous value to both our routine and custom-made projects and helps in problem solving for exploration, development and production.



Tellus Houston User Group

For those of you who were unable to attend, or for those that want to distribute the material, the presentations and training modules are now available on-line.

Launch of GIR Database

Robertson is pleased to announce that it is building a Geochemical Information Repository (GIR) which will provide customers with global digital geochemical data delivered over the Internet.


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