How do gamblers start gambling

How do gamblers start gambling: identifying behavioural markers for high-risk internet gambling

The availability of online gambling services on the Internet has raised many public health concerns about its influence to various gambling related addictions and problems in our society. Recent studies has shown that about five percentages of people who are involved in the gambling industry of any kind experience problems related to gambling. This same study show that around two percentage of these people related to the industry at some point develop serious problems and become pathological gamblers.

The fact is that early interventions and efforts may be of crucial importance to prevent and diminish the probability of developing these gambling related issues in the society. The key toward successful diminishing these problems is early identifying individuals who may develop gambling related issues as early as possible. Behavioural markers are of the great significance in these situations and they indicate the presence of various pathogenic processes in individuals. Therefore, behavioural markers are able to indicate high likelihood of developing pathological gambling and other gambling related issues.

Among various articles regarding this subject, only one article identified certain behavioural marker which is able to predict issues related to gambling. Creator of the article Shaffer and Xuan compared the behaviours of Internet bettors during the period of one month. The participants in this project have spent one month gambling online and after one month they closed their online gambling accounts. Second group of participants in this project did not close their accounts, and Shaffer and Xuan compared the behaviours of these two separated groups. They discovered that those who closed their gambling accounts in fact experienced rapidly increasing money loss, they have been increasing their stakes per each bet, and the y also have been experiencing shorter odds bets.

The newest syndrome model of gambling addiction suggest an approach in aetiological terms to the severe emergence of addiction. If we are looking from this new perspective antecedent distal events including various mental disorders like post traumatic disorder, and proximal event such as psychiatric morbidity in great amount can influence the probability of gambling related addiction. These aetiological events include vulnerability factors which differ from individual t another individual and they include social, biological and psychological factors. Also there is a recent evident that many distal like cultural and neurogenetic and proximal like psychiatric morbidity can greatly influence and contribute to the development of gambling related addictions in gambling related issues in general.

Recent studies hypothesize that gambling variability intensity, frequency and tendency to decrease or increase wagers during the first month of online gambling. Therefore, study is able t identify meaningfully different and reliable subgroups of gamblers and also it can identify who of these two groups is more likely to develop gambling related issues and addictions. This study used various cluster analysis in order to identify which group of gamblers is at higher risk for developing gambling related issues and the analysis is based on their initial stage of online gambling. The study concluded that gamblers who are characterized by high frequency and intensity and also by high variability of their wager sizes during their first month of gambling were at higher risk than the others who reported gambling related problems upon closing their online accounts.

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