Tools & Resources for Conducting Market Research

When it comes to the our behaviour while buying something, we are most definitely creatures of habits and we only trust those product which we are used to on. People generally are afraid of changes and there is always a battle to get person to switch to other brand or other product. When it comes to the tools and resources for conducting various market research the situation is not so different.

There are sometimes situations of unsuccessful and not so efficient market research and we often blame products for failures in this field. However, finding out which product is able to provide us everything what we need is a good business and with market research a good product will give you better opportunities. In order to conduct profound market research and to gather all valuable information and to predict your product success rate you will need a good product and we created a list of recommended products.

First great product is Marketer's Almanac provided by Google and it is free, so you are spending nothing. With this product you can conduct various information about behaviour of consumers changes depending on the seasons, special events and holidays. Other great product is American Fact Finder also free. This product let filter by income, location, race and age various U.S. census data. We also recommend County Business Patterns, another free product which provides yoy various information on the regions of the country which have a great number of certain industries and businesses.

If you are into market research you should definitely consider using Business Dynamics Statistic product which let yu take various census data and let you get insight into economic data on various job creation, shutdowns, startups, and business openings and closures. Another great product IS FedStats which provides you forum regularly updated for finding various data that is released by numerous federal agencies and information include data on various fields including education, energy, agriculture and transportation.

Nielsen MyBestSegments is another great free product for conducting profound market research and it provide you various tools which can help you to better understand various areas demogprahic information and its citizens' everyday habits and routines. You can also find out areas that are most likely receptive of various campaigns an launch. You can also get an insight into competitors in the local area and trends which shifted in the area recently.

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SurveyMonkey is another great product and there are two versions available, the basic version is free while Gold and Premium versions cost twenty-five dollars a month for gold version and eighty-five dollars a month for Platinum version of the SurveyMonkey. This is very powerful and helpful tool suitable especially while creating profound surveys which can help you t better understand consumer preferences and market in general.

If you are into market research and you need to conduct a profound details and information of the current market situation these tools are the best, but other great tools include Typeform, Survata, Loop 11, Userlytics, MakeMyPersona, Ubersuggest and Temper so consider purchasing one of these as well, since they will be of great significance on your market research journey.

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